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Computer Diagnostics

Do you have smoke coming out of your computer? Is it overheating? Does it smell like something is burning? Is it slow? Can't open a file or program? Do you think your information or identity is at risk because of an infection? STOP WORRYING!!! Bring it to our technicians and we will diagnose the problem and then provide a solution!


Data Backup & Migration

Whether you're getting a new computer and need your data transferred or need help making a backup copy, can get the job done. We can usually get your data off of broken computers, too!


Hardware Setup & Configuration

Our technicians aren't just good with software; they can help you install and configure your computer's peripherals. In addition to getting your printer, scanner or other device installed, we'll make sure it's configured for you.


Network Setup & Configuration

Whether you want a new wireless or wired network setup or an existing network configured, our experienced technicians can setup your network to perform at its best and make sure you are secured, password protected and as safe from hackers and other internet threats as possible!


Operating System Setup & Configuration

Do you want to upgrade your operating system to the latest version? Or maybe you need to downgrade to an older version for compatibility issues or preferences? We can reinstall the current version as well. We'll even configure it and install the latest drivers!


Performance Tune-Up

Computer running slow? Let the experts at AnnexTech speed it up for you. We start by removing unneccesary toolbars from your browser and then uninstall unwanted and unused programs. Next, we tweak and configure the programs and processes that start with your computer so that only the necessary things load at bootup. Finally, we do a disk cleanup--removing all of your junk and temporary files--and follow it with a disk defragmentation and *complimentary quick virus & malware scan!

*Quick virus & malware scan does not include removal. Additional fee applies for repair.


Software Installation

Need a program installed or configured, but can't seem to get it working on your own? Or maybe it isn't working correctly and you need it reinstalled or repaired? What may be simple to some can be confusing to others. Our technicians can help you get your software working!


Virus & Malware Removal

In a world with such an emphasis on the internet in almost every aspect of our daily lives, we can't always be as safe with what we click on or download. We know, we know! You thought it was an e-mail from grandma. Or you thought you really won and were downloading a free video game or movie. We get it. We really do. But why allow your computer to continue running so unsafe and sluggish? Our technicians can get you back up and running. And with the lowest prices in the industry, there is no reason not to!


Much More

Computers, and technology as a whole, are quite complex and constantly changing. If you do not see a service that particularly matches your needs, please contact us and we will do our best to help you.



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